Local Pickup & Delivery Service

With today's busy lifestyles, there never seems enough time to get things done. So we make caring for your fine garments and household textiles as close as your front door. Consider the added convenience of RAVE FabriCARE's free pickup and delivery service -- regularly scheduled or on call -- at your residence.

We make it real easy using a combination of nylon bags, self-carbonated pickup tickets, monthly charge account, and designated pickup and delivery point. This way you never have to be at home to receive service. All at no extra charge.

Here's how easy it is:

  1. Sign up for our once or twice weekly pickup and delivery service, either as a "regularly-scheduled" or "on call" client by completing and submitting the following contact information:

    First Name:*
    Last Name:*
    Residential Phone:
    Cell Phone:
    Address 1:
    Address 2:
    Zip Code:*
    Community (if any):
    Major Cross Street:
    How You Found Us:

    Upon receipt, we'll call you to initiate service.

  2. Complete the following 2 forms:

    Personal Preference Profile form. This establishes your likes and dislikes in our RAVEtrac computer system.

    RAVEcharge Client Account form. This establishes a monthly charge account for you in our RAVEtrac computer system.
  3. Select a pickup and delivery point at home where you can leave one of our nylon bags and where we can, in turn, hang your completed order. (Suggestion: select a place protected from the elements such as a front door alcove, rear patio, garage, guist house, etc.)
  4. Place your cleaning in one of our nylon bags.

    We'll deliver two nylon bags to you when we pick up your first order.

    For your first pickup, place your cleaning, the  Personal Preference Profile form and the RAVEcharge Client Account form in a plastic bag (tagged RAVE) at your selected pickup and delivery point
  5. Leave your bag at the pickup and delivery point by 9:00 am on your pickup day.
  6. Retrieve your prior week's cleaning from the designated pickup and delivery point later that same day.

Dedicated Service Line

We have a dedicated pickup and delivery service number: 480-998-8266.

You can always reach one of our Fabricare Consultants Monday through Friday (7:00 am to 6:00 pm) and Saturday (8:00 am to 3:00 pm; or 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on major holiday weekends). Or you can leave a message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if no one is available to take your call personally.

Service Area

At RAVE FabriCARE, we currently provide service to the following zip codes:

Carefree - 85377
Cave Creek - 85331
Fountain Hills - 85268
Paradise Valley - 85253
Phoenix - 85003, 85014, 85023, 85008, 85016, 85028, 85012, 85018, 85032, 85013, 85020, 85050
Scottsdale - 85250, 85258, 85251, 85259, 85254, 85260, 85255, 85262

At RAVE FabriCARE, we're continuously expanding our service area. In the first quarter of 2008, we will be expanding our pickup and delivery service to selected areas in Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Litchfield Park, Mesa and Tempe. If you reside in any of these areas, please let us know of your interest. This way we'll be able to contact you as soon as we expand service into your area.

Regularly Scheduled Service

Our pickup and delivery service operates on a Monday to Friday basis within the zip codes we serve. We offer once a week or twice a week regularly scheduled service. Please note that in certain zip codes we currently offer service only once a week.

The location of your residence and the average number of articles you expect to clean on a monthly basis will, for the most part, determine whether your pickup and delivery schedule is once or twice a week.

If you choose to become a regularly scheduled pickup and delivery client, there's no need to ever call for a pickup. We'll stop by automatically. Rain or shine.

On Call Service

Our pickup and delivery service operates on a Monday to Friday basis within the zip codes we serve. If you feel that your current needs do not dictate regularly scheduled service, you might find our "on call" service more suitable. If you're an "on call" client, all you have to do is call us before 9:00 am when you have a pickup. And we'll call on you.

Here's an example: say you're a Wednesday "on call" client and you've got cleaning to pickup. Just call us prior to 9:00 am Wednesday. We'll take it from there!

Please note that we do have a three piece dry cleaning minimum for "on call" pickups.

Brief or Extended Absences

If you're going to be away for a brief or extended period of time, all we ask is that you contact us. Tell us when you're leaving and when to recommence service. If your return date is uncertain, let us know that. Then just call when you return.

For your convenience, our pickup and delivery service line (480-998-8266) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way you can call whether you're in Phoenix (Arizona), Phoenixville (Pennsylvania), or Phoenix City (Alabama).

Range of Services

With the exception of personal fittings for alterations, there's no service offered in-store that's not available on a pickup and delivery basis. For a comprehensive list of our specialized fabricare services, please click here.

Got an unusual request? Just call us. If it involves the restoration, cleaning, finishing, preservation or repair of a textile, we can probably help.


Local pickup and delivery clients pay the same price paid by local in-store clients and nationwide clean by mail clients.

Please note that we do reserve the right to add a small monthly surcharge in the event delivery costs escalate due to factors beyond our control. Such as an unexpected (and hopefully temporary) increase in gas prices.

Membership Fees

There's no membership fee for our pickup and delivery service.

Minimum Monthly Expenditures

We do not have a minimum monthly expenditure target for pickup and delivery clients. That having been said, we do review all accounts over time to assess the economic viability of service.

Typically, we take into account factors such as the number of visits to your residence during any month, the revenue generated by those visits, your geographical location, and the split between drycleaning, shirt laundry, tailoring, household textiles, and other services.

Economic viability of service is, for the most part, predicated on the volume of drycleaning. As such, we do require that each of our delivery clients be a drycleaning client. We regret that we are unable to provide free pickup and delivery service for shirt laundry only clients.

Please remember that for "on call" pickup and delivery clients, we do have a three piece drycleaning minimum for each pickup.


Our normal turnaround time is one week on regular drycleaning, shirt laundry and household textiles.

If you're a pickup and delivery client with a once a week pickup/delivery schedule, say every Monday, we'll pick up on a Monday and deliver the following Monday.

If you're a pickup and delivery client with a twice a week pickup/delivery schedule, say Monday/Thursday, we'll pickup and deliver twice a week. Monday's pickup will be delivered on the following Monday; Thursday's pickup on the following Thursday.

Generally, one week.

Nylon Bags

When you first sign up for our pickup and delivery service, we'll provide you with two nylon bags. Each bag has a laminated tag with your name, service address and account number, as well as certain shirt laundry preferences. Details of all other personal preferences are maintained in our RAVEtrac computer system.

And because we return your bag with each completed order, you'll always have one bag in your possession to gather articles for the next pickup.

Need more bags? Just call our pickup and delivery service line (480-998-8266).

Tracking Your Garments

The vast majority of our pickup and delivery clients do not keep track of the items they send in for cleaning. Nonetheless, we recommend that you do. And it's so easy when you use our self-carbonated pickup tickets. Put the white original in your bag. Keep the yellow copy for your records.

This important record keeping form allows you to have a clear record of all items entrusted to our care, rather than guessing.

It's fast and simple - very much like a valet slip in a hotel. Would you stuff 5 or 10 items in a hotel laundry bag (perish the thought!) without keeping a listing or piece count? Of course not!

Please remember that it's best to itemize each item you're sending in. But merely entering your name, date and the total number of pieces you're sending in will suffice.

If there is a discrepancy between the number of pieces in your bag and number of pieces on the self-carbonated pickup tickets, we'll contact you immediately. In the absence of a self-carbonated pickup ticket, our final count must be accepted as definitive.

Classifying Your Garments

You do not have to separate your drycleaning from shirt laundry. We'll use our best judgement when we open your bag at our fabricare facility.

Our judgement is based, amongst other things, on the article's care label, fabric, fabric texture, fabric construction, buttons, color, dye, trim, stains, and the like.

On the other hand, if you have a specific garment you want treated in a specific manner (such as a request to restore a greyed or yellowed linen blazer to its original splendor, or to dryclean a specific shirt instead of laundering it), just indicate your preference on your pickup ticket. Or on a note placed in your bag. Or just pin a note on the appropriate article.

Special Instructions

If you have any special instructions for us, just indicate those instructions on your pickup ticket. Or on a note placed in your bag. Or just pin a note on the appropriate article. We'll process your order accordingly.


You do not have to be at home when your delivery representative arrives. In fact, we prefer not to disturb you.

Just leave your bag at a designated point - a hook near your front door; a hook on your rear patio; a hook or closet in your garage, guest house, home office, pool change room, or similar location. We'll always return your completed order to that same point.

When selecting a pickup and delivery point please choose one that's protected from the elements (sun, wind, rain, etc.). One that's protected from any irrigation system. And one that's not visible from the street.

There's one other possibility. If there's always someone such as a housekeeper at home, we can ring the front door or service entrance bell. If you select this alternative approach, we suggest that you, nevertheless, designate a pickup and delivery point as a back up -- just in case no one's home when we arrive.

Bonding and Insurance

All our delivery representatives are fully bonded. And all your garments and household textiles are fully insured in accordance with insurance industry guidelines while in our possession.

Specific Times Or Time Windows

We're sorry, but we are unable to agree on a specific time or specific time window your delivery representative will arrive at your residence.

You see our pickup and delivery service is a free service. And to continue to offer this free service, we must control our delivery costs. Our delivery costs are, in turn, primarily influenced by two factors: our ability to get in and out of your residence in the shortest possible time, and, second, our ability to fit you into our existing route schedule in the most efficient manner.

So, if we were to agree to a specific time or specific time window, we'd have to add a surcharge to your bill every time we visit you. And that's something we'd rather not do.

Although some of our clients have questioned our reluctance to agree to a specific time or time window for pickup and delivery, most understand that smooth, uninterrupted travel on the streets of metro Phoenix is not what it used to be ten or fifteen years ago. Traffic problems caused by road construction, vehicular congestion, wet weather conditions, emergencies, and a host of other disruptions make precise pickup and delivery times a remote possibility at best.

That having been said, we'll do our best to comply with service time preferences of the "no later than" variety. Such as a request to arrive no later than 4:00 pm (when your housekeeper leaves), no later than 5:00 pm (because your gated community does not admit service vehicles after 5:00 pm), or no later than 5:30 pm (the time your office closes).

Office Service

We've always been reluctant to provide pickup and delivery service at the office. Quite frankly, we prefer to pickup and deliver from your residence. That way you don't have to lug your bag to the office and drag your cleaning back home.

That's not to say we won't consider pickup and delivery from your office. For example, if your residence is in a zip code currently not served by us, we'd consider pickup and delivery at your office - provided it has hours of operation consistent with our route schedule, and permits our delivery representative to get in and out quickly (without having to negotiate security, ask receptionists to page you, and the like).


You do not have to leave or mail in payment every time we make a delivery. That's because every pickup and delivery client has their own RAVEcharge Client Account.

It works like this: Every time we make a delivery we'll charge your service order ticket directly to your account. This way there's no check to write, credit card authorization to receive, or cash to dig for.

As regards payment, we'll ask you to select one of two payment options when you complete your RAVEcharge Client Account application: we can either bill you on open account or charge the accumulated balance on your account to a credit card. We accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.

Please remember that your RAVEcharge Client Account is an account of convenience, not a revolving credit account. So if you choose to be billed on open account, we'd appreciate if you would mail your check prior to the 10th of each month.


Our delivery representatives do not expect, nor do they accept tips every time they visit your residence.

On the other hand, should you wish to reward your delivery representative in any way for a job well done, we're sure your representative would appreciate your kind gesture.

Corporate Accounts

We offer four types of accounts - individual accounts, unincorporated business accounts, privately-held corporate accounts and publicly-held corporate accounts.

Unincorporated business accounts and privately-held corporate accounts work like this: the account is set up in your personal name. Then, at the end of each month, we "convert" the account by substituting a business or corporate name and address for your name and address on your month end statement.

Monthly Statements

At the close of business each month, we'll send you   a computer generated statement. It'll reflect all charges to your account, any payments received by us, and the balance due.

Of course, if you elect to charge the balance to one of your credit cards, the statement will reflect a zero balance due. And the credit card receipt will be attached to your statement.


You do not have to complete any paperwork in advance of our first telephonic contact.

However, we do ask that you complete and submit your  RAVEcharge Client Account Application form and your  Personal Preference Profile form with the pickup of your first order.

Please note that all sections of your RAVEcharge Client Account Application form marked "required information" must be completed in order for us to process your application.

First Pickup

To prepare for your first pickup, just place your cleaning, your  RAVEcharge Client Account Application form and your Personal Preference Profile form in a large plastic bag (tagged RAVE) and leave the bag at your selected pickup and delivery point .

When your delivery representative arrives, he'll transfer your cleaning into one of our nylon bags. Then he'll ring the doorbell to introduce himself. If no one's home, he'll leave the second nylon bag at the selected pickup and delivery point.

Incomplete Orders

At RAVE FabriCARE, we pride ourselves on the care we take with your garments and household textiles as well as on the accuracy of your completed orders. On occasion, however, we may still be working on one or more pieces in your order on delivery date. For example, a garment in that order may have a particularly stubborn stain. Or a garment may require a time consuming repair.

In this case we'll deliver the order even though it's incomplete. And to let you know we haven't overlooked the missing piece, we'll attach a special form to your service order ticket. The form will identify the item held back, the reason for the hold back, and the date when we expect to return that item.

Questions About An Order In-Process

To check on the status of an order, just call our pickup and delivery service line (480-998-8266). Or e-mail us. One of our fabricare consultants will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Questions About An Order Delivered

If you have a question about or problem with an order delivered to you, please call our pickup and delivery service line (480-998-8266). Or e-mail us. One of our fabricare consultants should be able to answer your question or resolve your problem, either immediately or by return call or e-mail.

Alternatively, they may refer your question or problem to a member of management for followup. In either case, you can expect a prompt reply.

Questions About an Invoice or Statement

If you have a question about an invoice or about your monthly statement, just call our pickup and delivery service line (480-998-8266). Or e-mail us. One of our fabricare consultants will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Changes To Personal Account Information and/or Personal Preferences

If you wish to change any of your personal account information and/or personal preferences, just call our pickup and delivery service line (480-998-8266). Or e-mail us. We'll make the necessary changes to your bag tags and to our RAVEtrac computer system.

Information Security

All information about you, your credit cards and your personal preferences is secured through physical, electronic and procedural safeguards.

Our privacy guarantee to you is simple: we'll restrict access to your information only to those who need it to carry out their business functions. And we'll never sell, rent or share your information with anyone.

Recycling Hangers, Plastic and Tissue

All hangers, plastic and tissue returned to us is collected by a local recycling company.

Unlike ordinary cleaners, we don't reuse these materials ourselves. And the reason is obvious: simple hygiene dictates that it would be completely inappropriate to package your garments and household textiles -- garments and household textiles that have just been cleaned, sanitized and deodorized -- using materials that have not been constantly under our control.

Should you wish to recycle your hangers, plastic and tissue, please place them in a separate plastic bag and leave that bag next to your blue nylon bag for pickup.


We're closed on all major holidays: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. There's no pickup or delivery on those days.

These holidays will disrupt our regularly scheduled service in the following way: Say Memorial Day is observed on a Monday. There'll be no pickup or delivery that day. So if you're a Monday only pickup and delivery client, it'll be two weeks between pickup and delivery (unless you call to schedule an alternative, one-time pickup and delivery date, say on the following Thursday).

Annual Vacation

We close for one week in August each year. Of course, we'll always give you ample advance notice.