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Are you a reporter or editor in the print, radio, television or on-line media? Looking for answers to questions, or newsworthy information, comment or quotes about garment and household textile care in general, or the care of designer, high fashion, specialty or couture garments and gowns in particular?

We can help.

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Stu Bloom



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Stu Bloom is the President of RAVE FabriCARE, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based full service fabricare specialist and couture drycleaner.

RAVE FabriCARE is metro Phoenix's true quality drycleaner, and the only drycleaner in Arizona recognized as one of the nation's premier cleaners, designated a Certified Couture Cleaner,® voted "Best Drycleaner In Metro Phoenix" by readers of Phoenix Magazine, and selected as one of America's best drycleaning facilities by American Drycleaner Magazine.

Stu is a regional expert on the subject of drycleaning and wetcleaning in general. His primary focus is on the care of designer, high fashion, specialty, and couture garments; bridal and other sentimental and ceremonial gowns; fine bed and table linens; and other fine household textiles.

He is the author of "An Insiders Guide To Extraordinary Drycleaning and Shirt Laundry," a consumer guide to true quality fabricare, available as a free download from

Over the years he has worked closely with individual clients, couturiers, upscale department stores, clothing boutiques, custom clothiers and tailors, collectors, museums and historical societies.

After hearing about your readership, listenership or viewership, and your specific story angle, Stu will answer your questions, provide you with newsworthy information, comment and quotes, and refer you to other experts.

Stu is known for his informative and entertaining...

  • explanations of drycleaning and wetcleaning concepts, procedures, and processes in language that readers, listeners and viewers can easily understand.
  • analyses of garments that have been improperly cleaned and/or finished, including the probable reasons for the problems, and the possible solutions to those problems.
  • analyses of garments that have been deemed "uncleanable", including the probable reasons the garments were deemed "uncleanable", and an assessment as to whether the garments could, in fact, be safely cleaned.
  • challenges to the conventional wisdom of today's drycleaning and wetcleaning "practices."
  • advocacy of "true quality fabricare" as an alternative to "bang and hang" or "ordinary drycleaning."