Spin-off Story Ideas

If you discovered our website while researching a specific subject, you may wish to consider these possible spin-off story ideas:

  • Behind the scenes at one of the nation's premier drycleaners. What happens to your:
    • Drycleaning?
    • Shirt Laundry?
    • Bed and table linens?
    • Household textiles?
  • Can't find a true quality drycleaner in your city or town? Go nationwide.
  • The pros and cons of the different solvents or fluids used in drycleaning.
  • "Organic drycleaning" is a hoax.
  • You've always had a personal shopper or favorite clothier. Now make way for the wardrobe manager.
  • $1000 for a set of high thread count bed sheets and pillow cases. You won't want to send those to your local cleaner