We Focus Solely On Quality

1Pricing_c.jpegRAVE FabriCARE is not a "competitively priced" or "value priced" cleaner. We do not offer volume discounts, specials, or Groupon-like coupons deals.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we deliver extraordinary care for fine garments and household textiles. And we price our services accordingly.

As the leader in quality care for fine garments and household textiles in Arizona, our prices are set at a level which affords us the opportunity to concentrate solely on the quality of our work.

By contrast, the focus of the vast majority of ordinary cleaners can be summed up in two words: quantity and speed. Essentially, this means pushing more and more garments (quantity) faster and faster (speed) through their "production system." They're in by 11:00 and out by 5:00; picked up on day 1 and delivered on day 3.

2Pricing_BAt ordinary cleaners, production efficiency is the holy grail of their entire operation.

Of course, no ordinary cleaner will admit to this. Every cleaner will tell you that they produce "top quality at a competitive price" or "exceptional quality at a fair price". But given their consistently lower price structure, it's clear that the long-term economic viability of their enterprise depends on quantity and speed. Not quality of work.

Which is fine if you're manufacturing standardized widgets. But absolute heresy when you've been entrusted with the custom cleaning and finishing of a client's fine garments and household textiles. Especially their fine bespoke, made-to-measure, designer, high fashion, specialty and couture garments.

It's for this reason that we always tell our clients that while it's important to know what you're paying, it's even more important to know what you're paying FOR.

We Don't Cut Costs By Cutting Corners

Garment care at the bespoke, made-to-measure, designer, high-fashion, specialty and couture level involves expensive, specialized equipment. And lots and lots of technically skilled labor. If you encounter low to moderate prices at the bespoke, made-to-measure, designer, high-fashion, specialty and couture level of garment care, you can be absolutely assured they're cutting costs by cutting corners. In every facet of their operation -- from cleaning and finishing to inspection and packaging.

It's a simple concept: The Four Seasons or the Ritz Carlton cannot consistently provide a first class hotel room for the price of a Sheraton or Holiday Inn (unless they severely cut the quality of their product and the quality of their service). Morton's or Ruth's Chris cannot consistently serve a prime quality steak for the price of a Sizzler or Lone Star (unless they severely cut the quality of their product and the quality of their service).

Our Prices

"At ordinary cleaners, clothes are loaded into a cleaning machine). 'Cleaned' clothes are glanced at, and the stains that are left in the clothes are minimally attempted to be removed ... Finishing is done at the rate of 25 pieces per hour (per presser)...

The CLASSIC level of drycleaning is the high-end, top quality level. Not many plants fit into this category ... Charging $15 for a pair of pants is common ... Drycleaning will incorporate blowing steam across the clothes and all stains that pop up are removed. Soaking in digesters and whitening agents are performed and the garment may go through several days of work before it is sent to the finishing (hand pressing) department ... (Drycleaning at the classic level) ... is done right."

Kenney Slatten
Dryclean Industry Consultant and Columnist
Western Cleaner & Launderer
May 2002, page 10

At RAVE FabriCARE, we do not have a single price for a specific category of garment, say slacks/trousers or blouses/shirts.

Prices will vary according to factors such as fabric, construction, color, trim, soiling, and the like. For example, there will be a significant variance in price between a Tommy Bahama black long sleeve silk blouse and a Chanel black long sleeve silk blouse with white collar and cuffs, signature buttons, and pleated front placket.

Should you so wish, we'd be happy to provide you with a price quote upon physical inspection of your garment. Please be patient as the pricing step may take a few minutes, particularly if the order involves multiple pieces.

As a guide, our average price is $20.00 for a drycleaned, hand-finished item and $6.75 for a laundered, hand-ironed shirt. Many are more; some are less. (To calculate the average, we take the total revenue per year divided by the number of pieces cleaned.)

We Don't Add An Environmental Surcharge

We don't follow the industry standard practice of adding an environmental surcharge (a.k.a. EPA tax, ticket charge, waste surcharge, disposal fee, etc.) of 3% to 6% to each invoice. That's because we view compliance with federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations as just another business expense, not an additional revenue source.

Unfortunately, the term "environmental surcharge" is misleading and has led many consumers to believe that this surcharge is a tax that must be collected by cleaners and forwarded to a federal, state or local agency. Truth is, there's no such tax in Arizona. It's merely a "stealth mechanism" designed to generate additional revenue.

Adding an environmental surcharge to your cleaning bill is like a restaurant charging for the use of the restroom.

We Don't Provide Telephone Quotes

We regret that we are unable to provide price quotes over the telephone.

In this regard, a true quality drycleaner is much like your dentist. Your dentist cannot provide a price quote over the telephone without first X-raying your mouth and examining your teeth to determine the extent of the work to be performed. While we may be able to provide a "best guess" or "ballpark price range," we must, nonetheless, first examine the garment or household textile to determine the nature and extent of the soiling, the cleaning process or processes to be used, and the degree of the labor involved.


At RAVE FabriCARE, setting prices is the easy part. Consistently delivering on our commitment to extraordinary care -- every item, every order -- now that's the complicated part. And that's the difference between true quality fabricare and ordinary cleaning.

We trust you will find our prices commensurate with the extraordinary care we deliver.

True Quality Cleaning

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