Our normal turnaround time is one week on regular drycleaning, shirt laundry and household textiles.

Here's an example: if you drop off your cleaning at our fabricare facility on a Monday, your order will be ready for pickup on the following Monday.

If you're a pickup and delivery client with a once a week pickup/delivery schedule, say every Monday, we'll pick up on a Monday and deliver the following Monday.

If you're a pickup and delivery client with a twice a week pickup/delivery schedule, say Monday/Thursday, we'll pickup and deliver twice a week. Monday's pickup will be delivered on the following Monday; Thursday's pickup on the following Thursday.

Generally, one week.

"At ordinary cleaners, clothes are loaded into a cleaning machine). 'Cleaned' clothes are glanced at, and the stains that are left in the clothes are minimally attempted to be removed ... Finishing is done at the rate of 25 pieces per hour (per presser)...

The CLASSIC level of drycleaning is the high-end, top quality level. Not many plants (in the USA and Canada) fit into this category ... Charging $15 for a pair of pants is common ... Drycleaning will incorporate blowing steam across the clothes and all stains that pop up are removed. Soaking in digesters and whitening agents are performed and the garment may go through several days of work before it is sent to the finishing (hand pressing) department ... (Drycleaning at the classic level) ... is done right."

Kenney Slatten
Dryclean Industry Consultant and Columnist
Western Cleaner & Launderer
May 2002, page 10

Why One Week?

Why, you may ask, don't we operate like ordinary cleaners? Why can't you drop off your cleaning on a Monday by 9:00 and pick it up that same day at 5:00? Or at the latest by 5:00 on the following day? Why can't we pick up your cleaning on day 1 (say a Monday) and deliver it on day 3 (say a Thursday)? And pick up your cleaning on day 1 (say a Thursday) and deliver on day 3 (say a Monday)?

Because we don't -- and won't -- produce what drycleaning industry experts call "bang and hang cleaning" or "ordinary cleaning."

Bang and hang cleaning or ordinary cleaning essentially involves tossing your cleaning into a machine, banging it out on a press, hanging it on a hanger, stuffing it in a bag, and cramming it on holding racks or shuttling it out the door. Believe it or not, this is standard operating procedure at the vast majority of ordinary cleaners, including those offering pickup and delivery service.

To illustrate this, go back to our Monday/Thursday pickup and delivery example, and examine what happens to your cleaning that's picked up on a Thursday and delivered on a Monday by ordinary cleaners.

In all probability, those articles are tagged on Thursday evening or Friday morning. "Cleaned", "pressed" and "bagged" on Friday. This way they're "right and ready" to be delivered on Monday. (The same principle applies to cleaning picked up on a Friday and delivered on a Tuesday.)

Just think about that for a second. That's nothing less than same day, or at the very best, next day service!

Given this scenario, would you knowingly subject your fine garments -- especially your designer, high fashion, specialty and couture garments -- to same day or next day service cleaning?

"When it comes to caring for your fine garments and household textiles, faster isn't better. Never has been. Never will be."

Of course not!

So here's our dilemma: we can either focus all our resources on consistently producing the finest cleaning in Arizona, or we can deliver the same "bang and hang" cleaning offered by over four hundred ordinary cleaners in the Valley.

In a hectic world of same day and next day service cleaning, you can take comfort in the fact that we take the time to do it right. Because when it comes to caring for your fine garments and household textiles, faster isn't better. Never has been. Never will be.