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We are often asked by our clients to recommend a true quality cleaner in another city. The majority of these requests come from clients who live in the metro Phoenix area part of the year and elsewhere during the balance of the year.

Many of these clients use our nationwide clean by mail service when away from metro Phoenix.  Especially for their designer, high fashion, specialty and couture garments. Nonetheless, they may need a true quality drycleaner for those emergencies that inevitably arise.

In such cases, RAVE FabriCARE recommends the following drycleaners, all members of Leading Cleaners Internationale (LCI):

Creeds Dry Cleaning Toronto, Canada (416) 923-2500

Davis Imperial Cleaners Chicago, IL (866) 267-4560

Fashion Care Cleaners Atlanta, GA (770) 980-0800

Hallak Cleaners New York City, NY
Hackensack, NJ

(201) 343-7333
Margaret's Cleaners San Diego, CA
Newport Beach, CA
(866) 454-2375
(toll free)

Meurice Garment Care New York City, NY
Hewlett, NY
Manhasset, NY

(800) 240-3377
(toll free)
New City Cleaners Bakersfield, CA (888) 381-9414
(toll free)

One Cleaners Metairie, LA (504) 455-5705

Peninou French Laundry & Cleaners San Francisco, CA (800) 392-2532
(toll free)

Sterling Fine Cleaning Los Angeles, CA (800) 278-3754
(toll free)


If you happen to live in an area not serviced by an LCI member, and do not wish to avail yourself to our nationwide clean by mail service, we suggest that you call a few upscale department stores, clothing boutiques and custom clothiers in your area. Ask to speak to the manager of the mens, ladies or couture departments. These individuals know clothing. And they know who does the "best work." If there is a consensus of opinion, you've probably discovered the true quality drycleaner in town.


We are also often asked by our clients to recommend an upscale department store, clothing boutique or custom clothier to fulfill a particular garment or household textile need.

RAVE FabriCARE recommends the following metro Phoenix clothing professionals:

Ladies and Gentleman

Cole Haan                          
Biltmore Fashion Park (602) 955-8686

Gucci Biltmore Fashion Park (602) 957-8710

Neiman Marcus Scottsdale Fashion Square (480) 990-2100

Nordstrom Scottsdale Fashion Square (480) 946-4111

Ralph Lauren Biltmore Fashion Park (602) 952-0155

Saks Fifth Avenue Biltmore Fashion Park (602) 955-8000


Carole's Couture Scottsdale Promenade (480) 275-7387

Essenza Boutique             
(480) 563-9963

St. John Knits Scottsdale Fashion Square (480) 941-4323


At Ease Scottsdale Fashion Square (480) 947-3800

Carter's Camelback/44th Street (602) 952-8646

Ferragamo Scottsdale Fashion Square (480) 947-2178

The Clotherie Biltmore Fashion Park (602) 956-8600

Tom James
Direct & Custom Clothiers
Personal Clothier (602) 532-9151

Wardrobe Mgt. & Design
Custom Clothiers
Personal Clothier (602) 992-4093