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Ask Stu: Your questions answered


Ask StuWhy are the collars of my sport coats and suit jackets rippled and why are the lapels of my sport coats and suit jackets hard pressed when I get them back from my cleaners?

Matt, Los Angeles


Suit collarsFirst, let me make sure I understand your question.

Were you to observe a rack of suits or sport coats in a fine clothing store, you'll notice that the rear of every collar is perfectly rounded from gorge seam to gorge seam. Not rippled. And that the lapels have a soft, rolled look. Not a hard press.

So you're wondering why your cleaner can't duplicate that perfectly rounded, non-rippled, "factory formed" collar and soft, rolling, "floating on air" lapels each and every time the sport coat or suit jacket is cleaned?

Sorry, Matt, but I've got no idea why! But I do have some suggestions.

Perhaps your cleaner should invest the resources necessary to produce a true quality garment, instead of extracting every penny of cost from every facet of their cleaning, finishing, inspection and packaging process. Perhaps they should focus on the quality of their work, instead of the number of garments they can push through their "production system" every hour. Perhaps your cleaner should hire skilled garment finishers, instead of unskilled pressers. Perhaps they should spend time hand finishing the garment, instead of banging it out on a press.

True quality cleaning is about skill, judgment and time. It's the very antithesis of the modus operandi of ordinary cleaners who focus on volume, speed and low prices.

My suggestion is that you consider a true quality cleaner instead of an ordinary cleaner. I'm pretty certain that a true quality cleaner would never return your sport coat or suit jacket with a rippled collar or hard pressed lapel.

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