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Does your dry cleaner no-spot, pre-spot or post-spot?

Shirt with stainMost ordinary cleaners either no-spot or post-spot (maybe). They don't pre-spot.

In other words, ordinary cleaners skip the stain removal process (known as pre-spotting) is skipped entirely and their "stain removal technician" (I use this term with reservation) merely loads and unloads a machine.

Truth is, ordinary cleaners operate on a hope and a prayer. They hope and pray that the stains will miraculously disappear based on a combination of the dry cleaning solvent or fluid (the more aggressive the better), the dry cleaning detergent (maybe, and then the cheaper the better), the addition or injection of moisture into the dry cleaning machine (a reckless undertaking), and the dry cleaning machine's tumbling action. At these cleaners, even simple stains receive one of those sorry-we-tried-but-we-couldn't tags.

Of course, ordinary cleaners will swear that they don't follow this approach. "We'd never do that at Tip Top Peerless Professional Quality Cleaners!" And to reinforce that "fact", they'll highlight inspecting garmentthe number of "cleaners" they employ and the cumulative years of their "experience". (The inference, of course, is that the number of cleaners and the number of years of their experience somehow equates to skill).

Yet, at the same time that they tell you that their stain removal process is best of class, they'll also tell you all about their fabulous in-by-9:00-out-by-5:00 in-store service and their outstanding pick-up-on-day-1-deliver-on-day-3 valet service.

The inherent contradiction in these 2 positions should be obvious to anyone ...

It takes time to professionally clean your garments (i.e., to pre-spot the garments; completely hang dry the garments prior to dry cleaning; utilize wet cleaning, handwashing and/or garment restoration techniques; dry clean the garments; etc.). And it takes time to professionally hand-iron, inspect, repair and package your garments.

Given these time-dependent tasks, it's unlikely that they can be completed in 1 to 3 days, even with multiple shifts.

So where does the truth lie?Time out

With the actual performance of all these time-consuming tasks? Or with the promotional claim that all these tasks are actually performed?

At a true quality cleaner you'll never have to worry about promotional claims of actual performance. A true quality cleaner will invest the time necessary to do the job right.

A true quality cleaner will perform extensive stain removal and cleaning procedures on every garment and household textile. Often using a multi-stage process, involving dry cleaning, wet cleaning, handwashing and/or restoration techniques, to protect your investment. Even if that means taking the time to treat the same garment or household textile multiple times until the stain has been removed.

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