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Take my Dry Clean Smell Test Challenge

Man in dry cleaning machineYou know the importance of dry cleaning solvent or fluid purity in producing garments and household textiles that are absolutely odor free and spectacularly bright.

You also know that, at the very least, the dry cleaning solvent or fluid used must be as pure and as clear as bottled mountain spring water. And that odor and dinginess in your garments is primarily the result of cleaning in dry cleaning solvent or fluid that smells and looks like the effluent from your dishwasher.

How can you prove that your cleaner's dry cleaning solvent or fluid is absolutely pure and clear and, therefore, odorless?

If you were in the metro Phoenix area, I'd invite you to take my Smell Test Challenge.

Taking the test is quite simple: visit my fabricare facility and conduct your very own experiment: Stick your head into any one of our dry cleaning machines. Inhale through your nose. Deeply.

Girl in gas maskI challenge you to detect any odor.

Now comes the clincher: Go to your cleaner and ask them for permission to repeat the test. Without the aid of a teratogenic respirator --  that's a respirator custom made to fit the exact contour of your face.

Then carefully observe the panic in their reaction to your request. It'll speak volumes. And I bet, it won't pass the smell test.

Oh! One more thing. Don't accept the response that insurance or governmental regulations do not permit customers into their production facility. After all, what's there to hide?

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