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A special offer to all Dege & Skinner cutters

Sherwood Book coverOn Friday I received my copy of "Bespoke: The Men's Style of Savile Row" by James Sherwood.

This Rizzoli produced, beautifully illustrated coffee table book charts Savile Row's contribution to fashion and culture through profiles of 26 Savile Row master tailors.

As it's going to take me some time to work my way through this book, I started where any sensible person would: at the back of the book. These last few pages feature some interesting material - a definition of the various components of a suit; a sequential, photo-illustrated discussion of the construction of a bespoke suit; a guide to different suit fabrics; a definition of various bespoke terms; and a list of Savile Row master tailors.

Then I turned to the front of the book where the second photograph caught my eye. It's a beautifully composed, two page spread of a Dege & Skinner cutter striking a pattern in their cutting room.

I have just one comment to make to the anonymous Dege & Skinner cutter who appears in the photograph: the pressing of your shirt is atrocious.

Sherwood Book shirt sleeve

If you can't find a true quality cleaner in London who knows something about hand ironing the sleeves, sleeve placket and cuffs of a shirt, I have a proposition for you: send me 6 of your favorite Dege & Skinner shirts. I'll gently clean them, hand press them to perfection and ship them back to you. All at no charge to you personally or to Dege & Skinner.

This way you'll be ready for your next photo shoot or client contact opportunity. And you'll avoid the personal embarrassment associated with wearing a machine pressed shirt in a service environment that epitomizes bespoke elegance.

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