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The importance of hangers

In October, Jeffrey Diduch, author of the blog, Made By Hand - The Great Sartorial Debate, posted an excellent rant about the importance of using the right hangers.

Wood-Wire hangers 1 Hangers Wood-Wire 2


Amongst other things, this is what he had to say:

"Nothing makes me crazier than those stupid little wishbone hangers that some stores use to hang their garments. I really, really hate them. The way that you store your garment has such an impact on it, the same way a shoe tree is so important to the life of a good shoe. Two of the most delicate parts of a coat are the top of the sleeve and the collar, and they are shaped to contour your body; it would make sense, then, to hang a garment on something that closely resembles the body, no? Then why do department stores insist on those skinny little wishbone hangers which in no way resemble the body, are usually too wide so they poke out the sleeves, do not support the top of the sleeve so the sleeve buckles, and do not support the collar?"

Hangers Wood-Wire 3 Hangers sideways


He went on to say:

"Why do the stores use these awful little hangers, then, if they are so bad? Well, space. And space is money. Space in the distribution center, space in the trucks which ship the product to the stores, and space on the selling floors. They can cram more garments into less space using these little hangers, which saves them money. Grrr."

I should ask the same questions of dry cleaners: Why do dry cleaners use wire and wood hangers that are not contoured to support the neck and do not have a wide surface area to support the shoulders and protect the overall drape of the garment?

Let me suggest a few answers: They don't care. They're too cheap. They want to maximize space on their conveyors and trucks. Whatever the excuse, your garments suffer the consequences of their decisions.

The following series of photos illustrate the point made by Jeffrey in his rant.

Consider this Anderson & Sheppard bespoke suit jacket hanging on an ordinary cleaner's straight wood hanger:

Wood hangers DSC00723 Wood hangers DSC00723
Jacket on wood DSC00729
Jacket on wood sideways DSC00731


Now compare those photos to the same bespoke suit jacket hanging on a RAVE FabriCARE contoured hanger:

Jacket on RAVE hanger DSC00715 Jacket on RAVE hanger DSC00715
Jacket on RAVE hanger DSC00718


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