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Made By Hand features RAVE FabriCARE

Tailors handsJeffery Diduch, bespoke tailor, is author of the blog, Made By Hand -- The Great Sartorial Debate, which can be found at tuttofattoamano (tutto fatto a mano is Italian for handcrafted entirely by hand).

The blog is a literal encyclopedia of information on the construction and deconstruction of bespoke garments (mostly men's suits, sport coats, coats and trousers) and is a must read for any bespoke afficionado interested in the ins and outs of their tailored garments.

On Friday, Jeffery posted a comment about garment maintenance, dry cleaners, and RAVE FabriCARE.

Here's the entire post ...


Garment maintenance


"Most tailors have a tenuous relationship, at best, with dry cleaners, because of the things many do, in the name of expediency. I won't get into the details because my blood pressure is plenty high these days, but I want to share what was, until now, a hidden treasure trove of information about garment maintenance. Hidden to me, anyway.

I had heard of Rave FabriCare and about some of the extraordinary lengths to which they go to care for garments, both cleaning and pressing, but a recent exchange on StyleForum brought their blog, True Quality Cleaning, to my attention, something which I had never seen before, probably because it's not all that easy to find on their website (are you reading this, Stu?)

I have never used them, but reading through the site, they say all the right things to lead me to believe that they really are the best place to consign one's clothing. I'm not talking about your 3-for-1 specials, but if you have been investing in quality clothing, it's worth investing in its maintenance. I'm frequently amazed at the number of people who will spend ages bulling their shoes to a perfect shine but who don't want to spend a few extra minutes on clothing maintenance, or a few extra dollars on proper cleaning and pressing. Sure, a hand-held steamer may appear to get the wrinkles out, much the same way a good coating of shellac will give your shoes a quick and easy shine. You don't varnish your shoes, do you? So why not care for your clothing properly? For those who are wondering about maintaining garments at home, between wearing and cleaning, all I can do is say that no tailor that I know of owns a steamer- we use an iron to PRESS out the wrinkles.

They do mail delivery cleaning for all over the US, Canada and Mexico, so if I weren't moving I would give them a try right away. Once I get settled I will send a suit in (incognito, of course) and report on how it comes back to me.

Anyway, anyone interested in clothing maintenance should have a browse through their blog- it's wonderful to find someone who seems to care as much about maintaining clothing as I care about making it."

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