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Cleaning and restoring your Navajo rugs

Navajo rug DSC210Area rugs that accent your home require special attention. Whether Persian or Oriental, antique or modern, our gentle, deep cleaning immersion process will protect and prolong the life of your treasured area rugs. Leaving them fresh, bright and free of ground in dirt that can abrade and cut the woolen fibers.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we specialize in Navajo and other Southwestern-style rugs, especially those with deep black, red and navy dyes that typically bleed or fade when cleaned by ordinary cleaners.

Our multi-step process carefully

  • removes spots and stains, including stains caused by pets (throw up, urine, feces, etc.),
  • eliminates any odors associated with those pet stains,
  • removes or reduces dye bleeding caused by water or pet urine,
  • removes dinginess and grayness from white, cream and pastel areas,
  • enhances the brightness of colors,
  • all while retaining the integrity of the wool and the brightness of the dyes.

Below are photos of a small collection of ten Navajo and other Southwestern-style rugs we recently cleaned for one of our collector clients.

Navajo rug DSC391 Navajo rug DSC416
Navajo rug DSC404 Navajo rug DSC406
Navajo rug DSC398 Navajo rug DSC399
Navajo rug DSC396 Navajo rug DSC397
Navajo rug DSC394 Navajo rug DSC417
Navajo rug DSC400 Navajo rug DSC401
Navajo rug DSC410 Navajo rug DSC411
Navajo rug DSC412 Navajo rug DSC413
Navajo rug DSC407 Navajo rug DSC409
Navajo rug DSC414 Navajo rug DSC415


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