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Ask Stu: Your questions answered


Ask StuMy dry cleaner tells me that he's developed a breakthrough detergent that yields spectacular results and that only his shirt laundry uses that product. What do you think of this?

Robert, Ahwatukee, Arizona


Barf DetergentA home grown laundry detergent? Can this be true? Possibly but not likely.

And here's why ...

Large detergent manufacturers, such as Calusa, Diversey, Ecolab, Fabritec, Laidlaw, Sanitone, Seitz, Stamford, Textile Care and U.N.X., have been serving cleaners for decades. These manufacturers have invested millions of dollars in research facilities and in teams of research scientists with one objective: develop new and enhanced detergents. The detergents resulting from this research are available to any cleaner.

So what is the likelihood that this cleaner has developed a "breakthrough detergent" that has, to date, eluded all these research scientists?

Not likely.  

And what is the likelihood that this cleaner has developed a detergent that produces results that are any different from the cleaning results produced by any other ordinary cleaner?

Not likely.

That's because the "secret" to true quality shirt laundry does not lie in a single component, such as a "breakthrough detergent."

Rather, the "secret" to true quality shirt laundry lies in a multi-stage process that simultaneously

  • gently and safely removes both oil-based and water-based stains,
  • produces extraordinarily bright whites, creams and pastels,
  • enhances the brightness of colors, and
  • prolongs the life of your fine shirts by eliminating scrubbing, hot water, harsh caustic industrial grade detergents and bleaches.

The bottom line is simply this: Are the results produced by a breakthrough detergent? Or by conventional commercial washing techniques (aka the scrubbing/hot water/harsh, caustic, industrial grade detergent/bleach method)?

You be the judge.

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