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Charvet impressed by RAVE FabriCARE

Charvet shirt name tagIn a recent thread on The London Lounge, 3 forum members discussed the quality of the shirt laundering offered by RAVE FabriCARE.

One of our clients had this to say:

"I also send laundry cross country to Rave. I recently took a shirt in one of their inflated plastic sleeves to Charvet after it had been in a lost suitcase for 8 days. The vendeuses were impressed with the ironing job."

What can I say? After 8 days in a suitcase, the folks at Charvet examined the shirt and were impressed by the quality of our hand ironing.

Charvet shirtI'd think that such praise from the folks at Charvet is quite an accomplishment. After all, Charvet knows shirts. Their shirts are worn by political leaders, royalty, stars of film and stage, artists, authors and business tycoons around the world. refers to Charvet as the Rolls Royce of bespoke shirts and calls Charvet the best dress shirts in the world.

Thank you, Charvet.

Decouvrir le pot aux roses.

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