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The cleaning and restoration of a handbag: Prada hobo handbag

Our client had spilt red wine all over her Prada handbag. The handbag featured a beige acetate outer shell and light brown leather strap and light brown leather interior lining.

In an effort to remove the wine, our client decided to wash the handbag in her home washer. Some of the wine disappeared. But, in the process, the dye from the leather strap and lining bled onto the fabric. The result? An absolute mess.

Although she was unfamiliar with our handbag and purse services, our client decided to ship it to RAVE FabriCARE with one simple instruction: do whatever you need to do; just save my handbag.

After two weeks, we returned the Prada handbag to our client in perfect, usable condition. We

  • removed all the residue of the red wine stains
  • removed (almost all) the leather dye that had bled onto the outer fabric
  • dyed the exterior fabric a slightly darker shade to disguise one area where the leather dye bleed could not be completely removed
  • restored the color on the leather strap and interior lining to a color that complimented the outer fabric.

And the result? A restored, clean handbag. And one ecstatic client. Perfetto!

The before and after photographs below document that transformation:

Prada Purse 4 before Prada Purse 5 before
Prada Purse 3 before
Prada Purse 1 before Prada Purse 2 before
Prada Purse 1 before Prada Purse 1 after
Prada Purse 3 after Prada Purse 4 after


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