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Keep those name tag stickers off your suede and leather garments!

Suede jacketThe holiday season is fast approaching and many of you will be attending various business and social events.

If you just happen to be wearing your favorite suede or leather jacket, sport coat or blazer beware. Chances are, some over zealous event organizer will slap one of those "Hello, my name is...." stickers on your chest while you're not looking.

Here's my tip: NEVER put one of those stickers on a suede or leather garment!

Why? Take a look at the glue and remnants of a sticker adhering to this custom-tailored Bottega Giotti brown suede jacket.



Suede jacket closeup
Suede jacket Giotti label Suede jacket inside label


One of our Oklahoma City clients did what he thought was appropriate. He tried to peel off the sticker.

Notice that

  • parts of the sticker did not peel off,
  • parts of the adhesive did not peel off with the sticker, and
  • a thin layer of outer surface of the suede was pulled off with the sticker.

Of course, we'll do our very best to restore this Italian hand-crafted suede jacket to its original condition. We probably have a 50:50 chance of complete success.

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