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Our Nationwide Clean By Mail Service -- the process in pictures


I get many inquiries asking how our Nationwide Clean By Mail Service works. So I thought I'd demonstrate the process in a series of photos.

1. Ship your garments to us by FedEx, UPS or US Post Office.


UPS weighing boxes

2. We'll clean your garments to perfection and ready them for packaging.


Shirts hanging on rack


3. We'll carefully package your garments to ensure that they're ready to wear when you open the shipping box.

Packaged light blue shirt Packaged white shirt
Packaged dress shirt Packaged blue shirt


4. We'll carefully pack your garments in appropriately-sized shipping containers.


Packaged shirts in box for shipping

5. We'll prepare the shipping containers for UPS pickup and delivery to your doorstep.


UPS boxes

For more detailed information about the logistics of our Nationwide Clean by Mail Service, Please click here.

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