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The cleaning and restoration of a handbag: 1980's Bottega Veneta purse

Bottega bag top right cornerA new client brought in a gray, lambskin Bottega Veneta intrecciato weave purse (circa 1980's) that had been given to her by her mom.

Given the condition of the purse -- light faded, scuffed, grease stained and ink stained (a green ink pen had "exploded" inside a side pouch attached to the liner) -- she had stored it in the far reaches of her closet and, by her own admission, had forgotten about it.

On her first visit to our facility to drop off some couture dresses, she noticed all the handbags and purses waiting to be picked up by or shipped to their respective owners. Later that day she returned with this purse.

The before and after photographs reflect the transformation.


Bottega bag front before Bottega bag back before
Bottega bag stained before Bottega bag ink stain before
Bottega bag bottom before
Bottega bag top before Bottega bag scuffed before
Ink stained towel


Bottega bag back after Bottega bag front after
Bottega bag bottom after


By the way, that green ink stained terry towel is just one of seven or eight we used to painstakingly leach out all the green ink.

If you've got a high-end handbag or purse that you've been hiding in the far reaches of your closet, bring it or mail it to us. We've been known to perform miracles!

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