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The cleaning and restoration of a garment: player-used, game-worn sports uniform

Fernando ValenzuelaMany professional sport teams (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc.) operate their own retail stores, hawking new merchandise alongside player-used, game-worn sports apparel and other gear.

Occasionally, a player will privately sell their game-worn sports apparel or donate their game-worn sports apparel to a worthy charity for auction.

Our client acquired this Fernando Valenzuela player-used, game-worn baseball uniform from another sports memorabilia collector.

The problem with this uniform was that it had been exhibited on a mannequin for almost 10 years, most likely in the direct down draft of a ventilation duct. As a result, the uniform had acquired a gray, oily, soot-like tint on the jersey.

So what to do? The uniform displayed all the player-used, game-worn characteristics that a collector looks for -- perspiration, sand stains and grass stains. Even a red lipstick mark in an inappropriate place. On the other hand, it was marred by the gray, oily, soot-like tint.

After a lot of wavering, the client gave us his decision: Return the uniform to it's brand new, pre-game condition and provide me with a set of before and after photos.

The photos below illustrate that transformation.


Dodgers uniform front before Dodgers uniform back before
Dodgers uniform close up before
Dodgers uniform pants front before Dodgers uniform pants back before


Dodgers uniform front after Dodgers uniform back after
Dodgers uniform pants front after Dodgers uniform pants back after


Valenzuela pitched for six different teams during his Major League Baseball career, most notably for the Los Angeles Dodgers (1980 to 1990).

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