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The cleaning and restoration of a garment: Pat Sandler vintage dress

Pat Sandler labelAbout two weeks ago, our client brought in a 1960's rayon and acetate Pat Sandler cocktail dress that had belonged to her mom.

Her instructions were simple: she needed it "cleaned" so she could wear it to a party this weekend.

When we examined the garment, we saw the results of poor storage over the past 40 years: the fabric had yellowed and the sugar stains had caramelized to brown. Even the lining had yellowed. As regards the pressing, the hem was sharply creased. I suspect that the original hem would have had a round, balloon shape to it.

Our client picked up the dress yesterday. After the initial oohs and ahhs, she noticed the results of our "cleaning": the outer fabric and the lining had been restored to it's original bright white; the brown, caramelized sugar stains were non-existent; the original hard-pressed hem had given way to a round, balloon roll; and the beaded and metallic-embroidered waistband was still in pristine condition.


Pat Sandler 1182 before Pat Sandler 1189 before
Pat Sandler Lining front before Pat Sandler lining back before
Pat Sandler hook before Pat Sandler zipper 1195



Pat Sandler front after
Pat Sandler bodice Pat Sandler belt after
Pat Sandler skirt after


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