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Visualizing true quality cleaners and ordinary cleaners

Lemonade StandIn many of my posts, I try to draw sharp distinctions between true quality cleaners and ordinary cleaners:

  • It's the difference between a little black dress from Armani and a $69 knock off from Candies Creations.
  • It's the difference between a bespoke shirt from Alexander Kabbaz and a made to measure shirt from Shanghai Custom Shirtmakers.
  • It's the difference between a steak at Mortons and a steak at Denny's.
  • It's the difference between a styling at Vidal Sassoon and a haircut at Super Cuts.

Yesterday I stumbled upon one of Seth Godin's old posts ("The lesson from two lemonade stands") that perfectly illustrates my point.

This is how Godin (slightly edited by me) describes the two lemonade stands ...

 "The first stand is run by two kids. They use Countrytime lemonade, paper cups and a bridge table. It's a decent lemonade stand, one in the long tradition of standard lemonade stands.

The other stand is different. When you pull up, the teenager reaches into a pail filled with ice and lemons. She pulls out a lemon. Slices it. Then she squeezes it with a little hand juicer.

The whole time that's she's squeezing, she's also talking to you, sharing her insights (and yes, her joy) about the power of lemonade to change your day. She's in no real hurry. Lemonade doesn't hurry, she says. It gets made the right way or not at all. Then she urges you to take a bit less sugar, because it tastes better that way.

 While you're talking, a dozen people who might have become customers drive on by because it appears to take too long. A few people pull over and wait in line behind you."

Visualize, for a moment, the difference between these two lemonade stands and their aproach to lemonade. Now you're on the way to understanding the difference between a true quality cleaner and an ordinary cleaner.

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