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No drycleaning experience required

No drycleaning experience requiredWalk into most ordinary cleaners and you'll probably find the quality of their service adequate: they'll greet you, take in your garments, provide a receipt, retrieve your completed order, take your payment and send you off with a smile and a "have a nice day."

But ask them a technical question or seek their technical advice and you'll probably get that deer-in-the-headlights stare. And it doesn't seem to matter whether the question involves the removal of an old yellow stain, the whitening of a garment that's greyed, the blocking of a knit that's misshaped, or the retexturing of a garment that's lost its feel or look. Nor does it seem to matter whether the advice you seek involves the alteration of a garment, the restoration of a vintage garment, the short term storage of woolens, or the long term storage of a heirloom tablecloth.

And the reason for such ignorance? Ads such as this on Craigs List (1.19.2010) ...

 CSR for High Quality Dry Cleaner (Scottsdale)

 Looking for Customer Service Representative to work in a high quality dry cleaning store located in North Scottsdale and Tempe. Monday through Friday plus one Saturday per month, flexible hours. No dry cleaning experience required (italics added). Please contact our store at: 480-348-XXXX.

If these are the job qualifications at a "high quality dry cleaning store", imagine the job qualifications at an ordinary cleaner.

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