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When you don't know, punt

When all else fails puntI've always been struck by the parallels between the Iron Chefs on the Food Network and the technicians at a true quality cleaner.

The iron chefs are all skilled technicians. They know how to combine ingredients, flavors, seasoning, processes, craftsmanship, equipment and facilities to create near perfect dishes.

They know. They don't punt.

At a true quality cleaner, skilled technicians know how to combine cleaning agents, processes, craftsmanship, equipment and facilities to produce the very best in garment care.

They know. They don't punt.

An ordinary cleaner, by contrast, is like an apprentice short order cook at Denny's®. Toss a piece of frozen meat onto the grill, sprinkle with A-1 Steak Sauce and pray that the result meets the customer's minimum expectations.

When you don't know, punt.

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