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The myth of two levels of drycleaning and shirt laundry service

Dilapidated staircaseYour cleaner tells you that they're a true quality cleaner. Yet they offer two different levels of service -- generically dubbed their "basic" and "premium" service.

How do you spell CONTRADICTION?

Here's some background ...

Some cleaners purport to offer a "premium service" (often accompanied by a special name such as their sterling, gold, platinum, diamond or artisan service). Pressed for details, they'll tell you that their premium service is their "extra care service," where your garments, particularly your designer and couture garments, are "pressed by their best presser, inspected by hand, hung on wood and chrome hangers, and stuffed with logo printed tissue."

Can it help? Possibly. But not likely.

The real question you should ask yourself is this: is their acidic, logo printed tissue paper (not recommended), the non-contoured non-supportive wood hangers (not recommended) and the plastic or chrome hangers with impression-forming quarter inch metal clips (not recommended) worth the premium price?

Because, in many cases, that's probably the only difference between their basic and their premium service. In other words, apart from the packaging, the true difference between your cleaner's basic and premium service is zero.

DennysMortonsLet's put this in perspective: Think back to the last time you sat down in a fine steak restaurant, such as Morton's® or Ruth's Chris® and your server asked you whether you wanted their basic or premium steak? Did they also ask you whether you wanted your basic or premium steak just tossed on a grill or prepared to their exacting standards?

SupercutsVidal SassoonSo the big question to ask yourself is this: Is it possible for Denny's® or Village Inn® to consistently deliver a steak of Morton's® or Ruth's Chris® quality just because their steak is prepared by their "best" short order cook? Is it possible for a Supercuts® or Great Clips® to consistently deliver styling of Vidal Sassoon's® or Rolf's® quality just because their cut is executed by their "best" hair cutter?

Don't think so.

Is it possible for the same fields, farming techniques, fertilizers, pesticides and equipment that routinely produces non-organic fruits and vegetables to also produce organic fruits and vegetables?

Don't think so.

Is it possible for the same procedures, processes, skills, equipment and facilities that routinely produces ordinary, bang and hang cleaning to also produce true quality cleaning?

Don't think so.

Here's my take. You can't do both at the same time. The client who came in for extraordinary isn't going to accept ordinary. And vice versa. Which is why a true quality cleaner would never offer two levels of care. A true quality cleaner offers one level of care. Extraordinary care.

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