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Comments from a raving fan (part two)

Champagne glassesIn April, Alain A. sent us 4 Hemrajani white dress shirts with french cuffs in relatively poor condition. I don't know the name of Alain's cleaner. Let's just say that his cleaner ought to seek an alternative occupation.

When his shirts were returned to him, he sent me this email.


Let me begin by emphasizing how great of a job you did with my shirts. Frankly, I was not optimistic about the prospects of whitening the collars and cuffs. However, you performed admirably. The shirts felt and looked like they had just been completed by my tailor. Thank you for handling these shirts with such care.

The only criticism I can raise about the entire process, is the following: it would have been wonderful to know when the shirts arrived at your store as well as when they were shipped in return. I did not receive any notifications about these steps. I almost called you to make sure that you received them.

Otherwise, you do great work, and I will be using your services again in the near future.

Much Obliged,

Alain A.
Minneapolis, MN

How can I help you?

Stu's comment: An administrative hiccup. My apologies to Alain. All orders received through our nationwide clean by mail service get an email on receipt and on shipment.

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