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We're just as good as ...

HopeA long-time client came in with six garments in their original drycleaner's packaging. She quickly got to the point: "Can you save these"?

She told me that she had tried to save on her drycleaning bill and had taken these garments to a cleaner "recommended" by her personal shopper (see my previous post, Cleaners who pay retail store employees for referrals). That she had told them that she usually took her finer garments to RAVE FabriCARE. And that she had asked them to treat her garments with TLC.

Their response: "Don't worry. SoAndSo Cleaners is just as good as RAVE. And we're a lot cheaper."

That last comment got me thinking about how often we hear or read those words "just as good as". Fact is, we love equating things that are not comparable: SoAndSo Cleaners is just as good as RAVE FabriCARE. Public schools are just as good as private schools. Chocolate milk is just as good as sports drinks. The list goes on and on.

Here's my point: They're not just as good. They're different. Public schools are not just as good as private schools. They're different. Chocolate milk is not just as good as sports drinks. They're different.

Sorry, Mr. Cleaner, but you're not "just as good as RAVE FabriCARE." You're quite different.

Truth is, apart from the pretty packaging, you're an ordinary, bang and hang cleaner.

You say you pre-spot but you don't. You post-spot (maybe). You say you clean in a gentle drycleaning fluid, but you don't. You clean in a fabric aggressive, dye stripping drycleaning solvent such as perc or synthetic petroleum. You say you hand press all your garments, but you don't. You machine press and "touch them up" with quick squirts of steam at a rate of 35+ pants per hour and 20+ non-pant garments per hour.

You say you're a true quality cleaner, but you're not. How can you possibly be a true quality cleaner when you routinely offer same or next day service, and 3 day pickup and delivery service?

Sorry, Mr. Cleaner, but you're not "just as good as RAVE FabriCARE." You don't even come close.

Just like RAVE, isn't RAVE FabriCARE.

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