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Does your cleaner stand behind you?

Does your cleaner stand behind youMany cleaners market themselves as true quality cleaners. They tout their credentials verbally and through glitzy marketing materials such as brochures, newsletters and websites.  All in the hope that you'll be taken in by the "sizzle". Unfortunately, true quality cleaning is not about the "sizzle". It's about the "steak"!

One way you can determine whether a cleaner focuses on the "steak" or the "sizzle" by asking this question: Do they have the courage and confidence to stand behind their work - without exception? Do they have the skills and experience to match their hype? Do they walk their talk?

Specifically, do they offer a Safe Cleaning Guarantee on every garment they clean? And if not, why not?

Here's some background ...

You see, most potential problems are predictable. In this regard, I'm not talking about cleaners who automatically characterize every garment with an unusual combination of fabrics, unusual texture, special trim or special embellishment as a risk. I'm talking about the rare case only. In such a case, a true quality cleaner will always advise you of your options and the risks associated with each option before processing the garment. This way you can make an informed decision.

Sometimes, however, a garment will fail to withstand routine and accepted processing. It happens. Retailers don't sell you these garments because they are indifferent. They are usually as surprised as the cleaner when an item that was supposed to have gone through rigorous testing procedures proves to be unserviceable. (There are many technical reasons why this can happen and they are beyond the scope of this post.)

In the rare case that an unforseen problem arises with an unserviceable garment, a true quality cleaner will never ask you to go back to the retailer or manufacturer and handle the matter yourself.

A true quality cleaner will go to bat for you and serve as your advocate. He'll explain the problem to the retailer, the manufacturer or both, and seek a replacement or restitution. Even if the retailer or manufacturer declines to accommodate their request, a true quality cleaner stand behind you - the client - and settle the matter with you directly.

Will YOUR cleaner stand behind YOU?

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