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Consult a true quality cleaner: They'll educate you and answer your questions

Consult a true quality cleanerIf a true quality cleaner didn't provide you with detailed information -- in writing -- about their knowledge, expertise and skills, their stain removal, cleaning and restoration processes, or their specialized equipment, technologies and facilities, you'd have no reason to entrust your fine garments to them. Or to any other cleaner for that matter.

Detailed information about the "ins" and "outs" and "hows" and "whys" of a cleaner's processes and craftsmanship is the service equivalent of the "extended test drive." After all, you wouldn't buy a new vehicle without first kicking the tires would you? So why would you entrust your fine garments and household textiles to a cleaner without first asking the probing questions?

Truth is, detailed information about processes and craftsmanship is the exact opposite of the tired, meaningless cliches you're accustomed to hearing from almost every cleaner: we meet or exceed the industry's highest standards; we focus on the details; we provide great cleaning, fabulous service and quick turnaround; each and every day we work hard to earn compliments from our customers; we treat your everyday wear as if they were fine couture pieces; we give your garments the care that only we can provide; and our packaging is the talk of the town. Etc. Etc.

You'll also notice that, consistent with these meaningless platitudes, their testimonials tend to focus on the friendliness of their staff and the broadness of their smiles. Not a whisper about their processes or craftsmanship.

It's enough to make one throw up!

At a true quality cleaner, educating you and answering your questions is a small price to pay for your custom.

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