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Promoting yourself into obscurity

Promoting yourself into obscurityOrdinary cleaners love promotions: Coupons, discounts, specials and deals. It's what they have to do to get a new customer in the door to replace the one that just quit. After all, what do ordinary cleaners have to offer besides cheap prices?

The problem for ordinary cleaners that climb on the promotions treadmill is that it's almost impossible to get off: their promotions generate piles of clothes, employees struggle to get the work out, product quality (that's normally mediocre at best) tanks, existing customers defect in frustration, and the "new" customers never return (actually, they've already moved on to the next cleaner offering a promotion).

So they're forced into another promotion. And the downward spiral continues.

Clearly, spending money on promoting a poor to mediocre product doesn't work. Ordinary cleaners would be far better off if they spent the money improving the quality of their product. And that means acquiring the right mix of equipment, recruiting technically skilled technicians, changing their cleaning processes, moving from machine pressing to hand pressing, upgrading their inspection and bagging functions, and eliminating (yes, eliminating) same and next day service and three day pickup and delivery service.

My advice to ordinary cleaners? Stop promoting low prices and start investing in the quality of your product.

Yes, I know. I'm whistling in the wind. Life's a breeze when you're an ordinary cleaner.

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