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What does Alexander Kabbaz know about fine shirts?

Kabbaz logoIn a word, everything.

Never heard of Alexander Kabbaz?

Well, Robb Report believes that Kabbaz crafts the world's finest bespoke shirts. So much so, that Kabbaz is a fixture in Robb Reports' annual Best Of The Best issue.

Together with his wife, Joelle Kelly, Kabbaz is the proprietor of, a website that showcases his mastery of fine shirtings, measurement, construction techniques, shape and drape. It's worth spending some time on his website if only for his insightful white papers on a whole host of shirt-related topics. If you prefer the seeing is believing approach, check out his videos on

Kabbaz is also a Senior Moderator on the Ask Andy About Clothes forum, the world's most popular discussion forum dedicated to fine men's (and ladies) garments and accessories.

Not only does Kabbaz know fine shirts, he also knows how to care for them. Much of that knowledge is derived from operating a shirt laundering service for a limited number of his bespoke shirt clients.

So what does this all have to do with RAVE FabriCARE?

Well, a member of the Ask Andy About Clothes forum recently posed the following question to Kabbaz: What do your customers do for laundry? Kabbaz's response included the following statement: "There are a few commercial laundry services which can usually handle fine work - Ladies Who Launder and Madame Paulette in Manhattan, Ernest Winzer in the Bronx and Rave Fabricare in Arizona."

There you have it. 4 out of 26,000 cleaners in the USA. 3 in New York City and only 1 west of New York City - RAVE FabriCARE in Scottsdale, Arizona.

See, I told you that Kabbaz knows fine shirts and how to care for them!

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