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Missing out on a win

Best affordable cleaner logoFor the fourth year in a row, the readers of the Arizona Republic have failed to recognize RAVE FabriCARE as the Best Affordable Dry Cleaner in the metro Phoenix area.

Given that RAVE FabriCARE has received national and local recognition for the quality of our product, I'm absolutely gutted. Just devastated.

On the other hand, I'm comforted by the fact that it's highly unlikely that a true quality cleaner would ever be nominated for the Best Affordable Dry Cleaner category. Let alone win the category!

That having been said, congratulations to the 2010 winner: Delia's Cleaners (drycleaned suit $8.90; laundered shirt $2.00).

And kudos to the runners up (listed in order of total votes cast) ...

 2. Pierce Galaxy Cleaners (drycleaned suit $4.70; laundered shirt $1.65)
 3. Catalina Cleaners (drycleaned suit $4.50; laundered shirt $1.75)
 4. Z Cleaners (drycleaned suit $21.80; laundered shirt $2.90)
 5. Regal Dry Cleaning (drycleaned suit $4.50; laundered shirt $1.65)
 6. Seville Dry Cleaners (drycleaned suit $4.50; laundered shirt $1.75)
 7. Del Rey Cleaners (drycleaned suit $4.80; laundered shirt $1.95)

Hopefully, 2011 will be our year. But I'm not holding my breath. The competition is formidable!

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