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Get $200 in free drycleaning. 30 minute service.

DryelThe typical ad for Dryel, Drycleaners Secret, 15 Minute Drycleaner or Refresh'n suggests that you can clean, revive, freshen and revitalize your wardrobe at home in less than 30 minutes and, in the process, save $200+. Then they attempt to close the deal by citing testimonials "proving" that their products actually work.

I understand the allure of these products: save money, save time, and "achieve professional drycleaning results."

Question :

What do you have after tumbling your dryclean only garments in a dryer for 30 minutes with a scented sheet?


Dirty garments with a fragrance smell that are slightly less wrinkled than they were 30 minutes earlier.

Dirty but fragranced? Absolutely.

Ask yourself what's happened to the acids and salts from your perspiration? What's happened to the residue and aluminum chlorides from your deodorants and antiperspirants? What's happened to the water based stains from juices, sodas, coffee, wine and beer? What's happened to the oil based stains from makeup, creams, lotions, butter, salad dressing, steak sauce and pizza drippings?

Did they disappear up the dryer vent? Into the lint trap? Into the waiting arms of the stain fairy?

No, they're still in your garments.

So next time, you "dryclean" with a scented sheet ask yourself whether you'd tumble your t-shirts, underwear and bed and table linens in a dryer with a scented sheet and call them clean.

Didn't think so.

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