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A true quality cleaner's drycleaning standards

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Every cleaner talks about it. Every cleaner promises it. And every cleaner claims to meet or exceed the "industry's highest standards" (whatever that phrase may mean). But when you ask what those specific standards are, you're typically met with a blank stare or some general mumbo jumbo.

The bottom line is this: the vast majority of ordinary cleaners pay mere lip service to true quality. By contrast, a true quality cleaner will put their standards in writing. And in detail. It's how they hold their fabricare associates accountable. And how their clients, in turn, hold them accountable. On every order. On every item.

So before you select a true quality cleaner, ask the cleaner for a detailed list of their quality standards. In writing. You might find their response instructive.

Here are our drycleaning standards at RAVE FabriCARE:

  •  No staples, pins or clips
  • No glued-on, "uniform rental" bar code labels
  • Shoulder pads removed (detachable pads) or carefully secured (attached pads)
  • Delicate or decorative buttons protected, or removed and replaced
  • Buckles and other non-button hardware protected, or removed and replacedLady in grey sequined jacket
  • Foreign matter removed from pockets and cuffs
  • Each garment individually examined and carefully prespotted
  • Loads separated by color and weight
  • Delicate garments, fragile garments, bespoke garments, made-to-measure garments and ties cleaned separately from all other garments
  • Trims - sequins and beads, plastic and vinyl, paint and glitter, suede and leather, and the like - expertly and safely handled
  • Drycleaning, wetcleaning and multi-process cleaning
  • Fabric gentle, fabric life extending drycleaning process
  • Dermatologically-friendly, odorless, fabric gentle, chemically inert, crystal clear, freshly purified siloxane drycleaning fluid
  • girl in white dressNo chemically aggressive chlorinated ( perchloroethylene) or hydrocarbon ( synthetic petroleum) drycleaning solvents
  • Top-of-the-line, premium drycleaning detergents
  • Brightest whites, creams, pastels and colors available
  • Soft, revitalized fabric textures
  • No dye bleeding of unstable dyes
  • No static or lint
  • Absolutely no drycleaning solvent odor
  • Absolutely no fragrances or perfumes
  • Each garment (including linings) meticulously hand finished inside and out
  • No fabric shine or seam impressions (to the extent permitted by preexisting conditions)
  • Sweaters and knits measured prior to cleaning
  • Sweaters and knits depilled
  • Sweaters and knits blocked to measurement after cleaningGuy in suit
  • Perfectly rounded, non-rippled, factory formed collars and lapels on sport coats and suit jackets
  • Each garment carefully and thoroughly inspected
  • Zippers lubricated
  • Hems and seams checked
  • Repairs completed
  • Missing snaps, hooks and eyes replaced
  • Loose snaps, hooks and eyes reinforced
  • Missing and cracked buttons replaced
  • Loose buttons reinforced
  • All service order identification tags removed
  • Each garment cushioned with soft, white, acid-free tissue
  • Premium packaging materials, including clip and contoured hangers
  • No straight, non-contoured coat, jacket or sport coat hangers
  • No clip hangers with small, half inch wide metal clips
  • Extra wide, heavy gauge poly bags
  • Each garment individually packaged

So next time you visit or call your cleaners, don't forget to ask them for a detailed list of their quality standards.

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