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A true quality cleaner's shirt laundry standards

shirts on hangersEvery cleaner talks about it. Every cleaner promises it. And every cleaner claims to meet or exceed the "industry's highest standards" (whatever that phrase may mean). But when you ask what those specific standards are, you're typically met with a blank stare or some general mumbo jumbo.

The bottom line is this: the vast majority of ordinary cleaners pay mere lip service to true quality. By contrast, a true quality cleaner will put their standards in writing. And in detail. It's how they hold their fabricare associates accountable. And how their clients, in turn, hold them accountable. On every order. On every item.

So before you select a true quality cleaner, ask the cleaner for a detailed list of their quality standards. In writing. You might find their response instructive.

Here are our shirt laundry standards at RAVE FabriCARE:

  • No staples or pins
  • No glued-on, "uniform rental" bar code labels
  • Foreign matter removed from pockets
  • Each shirt individually examined and carefully prespotted
  • Each shirt soaked in siloxane drycleaning fluid to gently emulsify oil-based stains
  • Each shirt soaked for at least 12 hours (french cuffs for at least 24 hours) in special water-based solutions to gently soak out soil and water-based stains
  • French cuffs individually hand cleaned
  • Full yellow shirtTop-of-the-line, premium shirt laundry chemistry
  • Warm temperature (lights) and cold (darks) water washes
  • pH controlled, buffered sour
  • Premium natural wheat starch
  • Choice of three different starch levels (none, light, medium or heavy)
  • Brightest whites, creams, pastels and colors available
  • No collar stay impressions (collar stays removed prior to pressing and replaced thereafter)
  • Collars rounded and correctly turned down at back of neck
  • Wrinkle-free, rounded collars and cuffs (to the extent permitted by shirt construction and prior cleaners' processes)
  • Each shirt  meticulously hand ironed (paying particular attention to collar and cuffs, front and sleeve plackets, side and sleeve seams, underarms, body to sleeve seams, sleeve to cuff seams, pockets, pocket flaps and epaulets)
  • No puckered seams or wrinkled underarms
  • Reverse side of french front plackets carefully hand ironed
  • Sleeves rolled, never creased (unless specifically requested otherwise)
  • Choice of french cuffs flat, rolled or lightly creased
  • Each shirt carefully and thoroughly inspected
  • Repairs completed
  • 3 shirts clean collarsMissing and cracked buttons replaced (with identical or near-identical buttons) or all buttons replaced with an identical shell or plastic set (when identical or near-identical buttons are not available).
  • Loose buttons reinforced
  • Choice of shirts on hangers or hand folded
  • Extra wide shirt hangers
  • Extra wide, heavy gauge poly bags
  • One shirt per poly bag
  • Heavy gauge folded shirt bags with cushion of air inside

So next time you visit or call your cleaners, don't forget to ask them for a detailed list of their quality standards.

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