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Cleaners who flim flam

Cleaners who flim flamOne of my previous posts (" We're just as good as") struck a nerve amongst readers of this blog.

If you recall, the post concerned a client who took some garments to a cleaner and who was assured that, yes indeed, they produced true quality cleaning. Truth is, the work proved to be no better than any other above average ordinary cleaner.

One reader reminded me of an old Boar's Head brand radio commercial. The commercial asked loyal Boar's Head brand customers for their help defending the Boar's Head brand against deli owners who display the Boar's Head brand and who substitute cheap deli meat when actually making your sandwich.

I'm sure the folks at Boar's Head were furious when they heard that deli owners were misrepresenting their brand. But what could they do? Call out the deli owners? Police all deli's across the USA?

No. Instead they crafted a novel strategy: they called on their army of loyal Boar's Head customers to help them defend their brand.

That strategy got me thinking: Why not ask RAVE FabriCARE's clients, including our nationwide-clean-by-mail clients, for their help defending the integrity of our brand against those ordinary cleaners who tell their customers "we're just as good as RAVE." After all, there's a parallel between those misrepresenting the Boar's Head brand (calling their meat Boar's Head but delivering cheap deli meat)) and those misrepresenting the RAVE FabriCARE brand (calling their cleaning true quality cleaning but delivering ordinary, bang and hang cleaning in a fancy package).

So next time, you hear a cleaner utter the words "we're just as good as RAVE", or when your personal shopper tells you "SoAndSo Cleaners is just as good as RAVE," please contact me. I'd love to hear the details.

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