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Drycleaners who flip flop (part one)

Toot your own hornDrycleaners are annoyingly inconsistent about what they tell you. They say one thing one month and something completely different the next month. Clearly, some cleaners just don't care what they say, when they say it, to whom they say it, or in what forum they say it. So long as it serves their business interests and reinforces their current point of view or marketing strategy.

Here's one case that proves my point ...

One metro Phoenix area cleaner has cleaned in synthetic petroleum solvent (aka DF 2000 or EcoSolv) since he opened his doors in 2005. Synthetic petroleum is a hydrocarbon solvent that's a by-product of the manufacture of gasoline and is produced by Exxon Mobil and Conoco Phillips.

Since that date, he's aggressively promoted synthetic petroleum as an "organic", "non-toxic", "green" and "environmentally friendly" solvent. He's also aggressively argued that synthetic petroleum is the best substitute for "cancer causing" perchloroethylene (aka perc). And to reinforce his position he even named his business Organic Cleaners (about a year ago he changed the name to OrganiCare Fine Drycleaning and Laundry, and, then, about six months ago he changed it again to OrganiCare Fine GarmentCare Centers).

All this despite the fact that perc is technically "organic" (because it contains carbon) in the same way that synthetic petroleum is technically "organic" (because it, too, contains carbon).

Despite the fact that one of his two locations doesn't even clean in synthetic petroleum. That location cleans in perc even though he swears that he only cleans in synthetic petroleum. (You can confirm this fact by calling the Maricopa Air Quality Department at 602-506-6201. On request, they'll email you a copy of their 2 permits.)

And despite the fact that both perc and synthetic petroleum are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), are classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as Toxic Air Contaminants, and are strictly regulated at the federal, state and local levels -- both in how they're used and how they're disposed of.

This cleaner has also promoted himself as the "original organic cleaner" and as an industry visionary whose mission is to "change the drycleaning industry one store at a time."

All this despite the fact that the Phoenix-based Prestige Cleaners and Delias Cleaners (about 20 locations in total) and thousands of other cleaners nationwide have been cleaning in synthetic petroleum for years before he even opened his doors. And despite the fact that one of his two locations actually cleans in the "bad solvent" -  perc.

Now the rhetoric has escalated to the absurd.

For the past 4 years this cleaner has been promoting synthetic petroleum as an organic, non-toxic, green and environmentally friendly solvent and evangelizing against the use of "cancer causing" perc. Now he's singing a different tune.

Apparently he's finally realized that he's pressed this falsehood far enough and that he can no longer claim that synthetic petroleum is organic, non-toxic, green and environmentally friendly. And he's also recognized that he can no longer deny that he cleans in both perc and synthetic petroleum.

So now he's claiming that carbon dioxide and wetcleaning are the only real green technologies and he warns you not to be fooled by cleaners who claim to be organic cleaners. Even though he still drycleans in perc and synthetic petroleum (both are technically organic) and the sign over his front doors say "Organic Cleaners".

Here's the takeaway from this post: As a consumer of drycleaning services, it is important to look beyond the (false) slogans and (false) claims. You'll need to do your homework. In many cases, you'll find that the emperor has no clothes.

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Full Disclosure

RAVE FabriCARE does not compete directly with Organic Cleaners/OrganiCare Fine Dry Cleaners & Laundry/OrganiCare Fine GarmentCare Centers. Their nearest location is 8 miles from our facility, and our prices are 3 to 4 times higher.

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