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AZ Green Magazine mentions RAVE FabriCARE

AZGreenMag cvrAZ Green Magazine, Arizona's premier lifestyle publication devoted to sustainability, got it (mostly) right.

In an article entitled "Dry Cleaning and Toxicology - An Expert Talks Ecology," author Gabrielle Saveri, UCLA's expert on sustainable garment care, discusses dry cleaning solvents and fluids.

For anyone interested in a balanced presentation of the issues, the article is a breath of fresh air. That's because Saveri demonstrates a technical knowledge of the subject matter that's noticeably absent from all the self-serving fluff articles and ghost written articles that have appeared in Phoenix and Scottsdale newspapers and magazines in recent years.

In the article, Saveri quotes RAVE FabriCARE at length ...

With clients in 38 states, Rave Fabricare Master Cleaners, located at 8480 East Butherus Dr., in Scottsdale, specializes in cleaning high-end garments, and will do wet cleaning upon request. The customer needs to do their homework when choosing a cleaner, said Rave Fabricare owner Stu Bloom, who typically uses a combination of GreenEarth® and wet cleaning for most high-end garments. While Bloom believes GreenEarth® is the best product on the market for cleaning delicate garments, he is also willing to do 100% wet cleaning once he and the customer have deemed it is appropriate for their clothes.

"People look at the sign that says 'organic' or 'eco-friendly' and they get confused," he says. "This is potentially dangerous for customers with sensitivities to petroleum-based solvents, who need to be well-apprised about the chemicals used to clean the clothing they wear. They need to be aware of what 'organic' chemicals the dry cleaners are using."

Ultimately, Bloom explained, it is up to the customer to make the best choice. "The most important thing a consumer can do is find out specifically what dry cleaning solvent a company is using," he explains. "Forget all the brand names of solvents labeled 'organic' and all the 'eco-friendly' marketing fluff. Find out the pros and cons, and make a decision as to what is appropriate for your clothes," he adds.

Clearly, AZ Green Magazine got it (mostly) right. I could take issue with a few of the points made but they are minor relative to Saveri's primary point: Forget the creative buzz words. Focus, instead, on the specific dry cleaning solvent or fluid your cleaner uses, and the pros and cons of that solvent or fluid.

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