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Are you paying $6/$14 for a $1/$2 laundered shirt?

Shirts on hangersSome cleaners claim that they gently clean and then hand-iron ALL their laundered shirts. As a matter of routine.

Can this be true?

Of course it's not true.

Show me a cleaner in the metro Phoenix area -- other than RAVE FabriCARE - that gently cleans and then hand-irons ALL your laundered shirts as a matter of routine, and I'll show you pigs that fly!

By way of background, here's what happens to your laundered shirts -- even at the so-called "better cleaners" ...

Your shirt is laundered using conventional washing techniques -- scrubbing; hot water; harsh, caustic, industrial grade detergents; and bleaches.

Then it's pressed on a series of machines: one for the body, one for the sleeves and one for the collar and cuffs. Typically, at the rate of 40 to 50 per hour.

This is the "machine pressed laundered shirt" that's passed off to customers as a hand ironed laundered shirt.

Now, if the cleaner is feeling particularly charitable, they'll "strategically touch up" your shirt by hand ... if deemed necessary...if you're lucky. And then, typically, only on the sleeves and underarms.

This is the "hand finished laundered shirt" that's passed off to customers as a hand-ironed laundered shirt.

Unfortunately, a 2 to 3 minute hand finished laundered shirt is NOT a 8 to 1White Attolini shirt2 minute hand-ironed laundered shirt.

To qualify as a hand-ironed laundered shirt, the shirt must be PARTIALLY steamed by machine and then COMPLETELY pressed by hand (that's a hand-ironed laundered shirt). Not COMPLETELY pressed by machine and then PARTIALLY touched up by hand...if you're lucky (that's a hand finished laundered shirt).

At RAVE FabriCARE, we're different. Very different, in fact!

First, we soak your fine shirts in siloxane, our odorless, dermatologically friendly, fabric gentle dry cleaning fluid. This is the only way to safely and gently dissolve oil-based stains -- such as body oil, creams and lotions, and other grease deposits -- without scrubbing your collars and cuffs with hard-bristled brushes and "collar/cuff solution". This is also the only way to ensure that, when your shirt is finally hand ironed, those body oils and grease deposits don't transform or oxidize through heat into difficult-to-remove yellow stains.

Next, we soak your shirts in special solutions to relax the fibers. And release soil and water-based stains. For a minimum of 12 hours (24 hours for shirts with french cuffs).

Why is soaking critical to the care of fine shirts? Because soaking reduces the wear and tear that would result from the use of conventional washing techniques (aka the scrubbing/hot water/industrial detergent/bleach method).

After soaking, we gently launder your fine shirts in specialized, computer-controlled wet cleaning machines, where microprocessors control water temperature, cylinder speeds, mechanical action and moisture removal to exacting specifications. Using only the finest pH balanced, fragrance free, phosphate free Sanitone® enzyme detergents. In cool to warm water. Never hot.Yellow shirt

Finally, every laundered shirt is steamed and hand ironed. As a matter of routine. Not machine pressed and then "strategically touched up"...if deemed necessary...if you're lucky.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we'd never pass off a machine pressed laundered shirt or a hand finished laundered shirt as a hand ironed laundered shirt in the hope that you'd never know the difference between a $1/$2 machine pressed laundered shirt or hand finished laundered shirt and a $6/$14 hand-ironed laundered shirt.

Any ordinary cleaner can "clean and press" a shirt in 6 to 8 hours. But only RAVE FabriCARE crafts an extraordinary shirt.

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