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Hate me if you want to

Love lettersThere's a business truism that goes something like this: if you want people to like you, first decide who needs to hate you.

Ordinary cleaners want everyone to like them. So they attempt to serve all constituencies: the once-a-week customer, the once-a-month customer and the once-a-year customer; the price sensitive customer, the good enough customer and the high quality demanding customer; the customer with the minimal, moderate or high investment in their wardrobe.

And in order to serve as many constituencies as possible they offer same day and next day service and 3 day pickup and delivery. Some even offer a two tier pricing structure, generically dubbed their "basic" and "premium" service: basic for your regular garments" and premium for your "fancier" garments. As if there was any real quality differences between the two services in the first instance (see my previous post, The myth of two levels of dry cleaning and shirt laundry service).

True quality cleaners, on the other hand, cater to clients who know exactly what they want: true quality dry cleaning and true quality shirt laundry.

If you appreciate and respect the work I do, that's great. Welcome to RAVE FabriCARE.

If you believe that the work I do is too technical, too detailed, too labor intensive, too time consuming and too expensive, that's ok. I won't compromise my standards just to serve you. After all, why should I when there are over 26,000 ordinary cleaners in the USA (and over 400 in the metro Phoenix area) eager to "meet your needs" - quickly and cheaply - with bang and hang work.

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