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To each their own

MichelangeloIf Michelangelo were alive today, his marble masterpiece, the Statue Of David, would have been snapped up by an art afficionado for hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Others would have complained about the ridiculous price of stone.

True quality cleaning is no different. Here are two reviews of the work of the same California cleaner.

"They do an outstanding job and expect to be justly compensated for it. Granted it is the most expensive dry cleaner on the planet but it is the only place I'd take my Chanel, vintage YSL, Missoni and beloved Brioni silk trench. They come back like new. If you spend a couple of grand on a collectors' item, you should treat it with the utmost of care. I send my Theory and regular work clothes to (name deleted) and save my special pieces for this place. I suggest you do the same."

"This place was the most overpriced dry cleaner I have ever used. I found it through the positive reviews on Yelp. However, it was definitely not worth the price. For one pair of slacks, three blouses (one of which was a tank top) and two dresses (basic, nothing fancy) it was $120. Completely ridiculous. This would have cost me $50 or less at any of the other cleaners I have used. Plus their turnaround time is over a week, which is way too long."

Yeah, whatever.

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