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Cleaning couture garments and gowns

beaded gownExtraordinary garments demand extraordinary care.

From intricate beaded and sequined gowns to one-of-a-kind handmade garments, from modern to vintage, the delicate nature of these pieces dictates the utmost scrutiny, respect, care and attention to detail.

A true quality cleaner will excel in their understanding of exquisite fabrics, unusual textures and special trim and embellishments. And in their knowledge of the art of design and the craftsmanship of construction.

Specifically, a true quality cleaner will:

  • Inspect each garment as it arrives. Carefully. From inside to outside. Paying particular attention to the fabric fibers, fabric textures, fabric finishes, dyes, trim and embellishments, and construction.
  • Beaded formal topDetermine the best and most appropriate cleaning techniques, processes and solutions. All stains receive immediate attention.
  • Remove all fragile buttons, trim, embellishments and ornaments wherever practicable. Prior to cleaning. And reattach the same after hand finishing the piece.
  • Perform minor repairs before the actual cleaning process begins (such as reinforcing loose beads and sequins). And again should it be necessary during the inspection process.
  • Hand finish every garment. Delicately. Both inside and out. The old fashioned way. Using a hand iron. With an appreciation of the nuances and subtleties of the couturier's sensibilities.
  • Inspect every garment. Carefully and thoroughly. From top to bottom. From inside to outside.
  • Striped jacketPackage every garment. Individually and elegantly. To ensure that they are protected during transportation and short-term storage.

From Chanel and Michael Casey to Oscar de la Renta and Christian Lacroix, you can trust a true quality cleaner with all your couture garments.

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