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Of dry cleaners and Dennis Rodman

Rodman, DennisI'll admit it. I have no interest in basketball. But I've always been intrigued by Dennis Rodman's cultural transformation from zero to hero. And the formula? If you don't have the personality, dye your hair different colors and acquire more piercings and tattoos than a performer at a freak show.

Ordinary cleaners are just like Dennis Rodman. Many have tried to reinvent themselves - literally overnight -  by wrapping themselves in service, conveniences, style and image and greenness. In other words, by focusing on everything other than the quality of their product.

And why do they wrap themselves in service, conveniences, style and image, and greenness? All in the hope that you'll be so distracted by these non-quality issues that you won't focus on the one thing that really counts: the quality of their cleaning.

For all the dyed hair, piercings and tattoos, Dennis Rodman still has no personality. For all their service, conveniences, style and image, and greenness, ordinary cleaners still produce a poor to mediocre quality product.

So next time you visit an ordinary cleaner focus first on the quality of product, and only then on the service, conveniences, style and image, and greenness. After all, if the quality of product is poor to mediocre, all the service, conveniences, image and style and greenness in the world doesn't amount to a hill of beans (or an earful of piercings or an armful of tattoos).

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