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Dry cleaner gobbledygook: we "focus on details"

Red ruffled dressThere are over 26,000 cleaners in the USA and over 400 in the metro Phoenix area. And every single one will tell you that they "focus on the details."

Your intuition and experience should tell you that the vast majority of these claims are, at best, nothing more than puffery. So couple your intuition and experience with this thought: true quality  cleaning is not about a few details. It's about hundreds of details. And, specifically, it's the combination of those hundreds of details that produces true quality dry cleaning and true quality shirt laundry. It's the difference between a little black dress by Armani® and a sixty-nine dollar knockoff by Candie's Creations.

Here's another key point: how can a cleaner claim that he "focuses on the details" when his entire operation is geared to same or next day service? How can a Shirts on hangerscleaner claim that he "focuses on the details" when your garments are in by 9:00 and out by 5:00; or picked up on day 1 and delivered on day 3? How can a cleaner claim that he "focuses on the details" when he charges $12.50 or $20.00 for a two piece suit and $2.25 or $3.00 for a laundered shirt?

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