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Why your light starched shirts feel stiff

Liquid starch bottleI hear this complaint quite often: even my light starched shirts feel stiff. Why?

The answer typically boils down to the cost savings associated with synthetic vs. natural starch.

You see, there are basically 2 types of starch -- synthetic and natural.

Most ordinary cleaners starch their shirts with a cheap synthetic glue (it's poly vinyl chloride commonly known as PVC). Synthetic starch adheres to your shirt's fibers like a coat of paint. Every time your shirts are starched another "coat" is added. The build-up continues in this fashion because synthetic starch does not dissolve easily when it comes into contact with water in the washer wheel.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we only use the finest, natural wheat starch which dissolves immediately on contact with water during each laundering.

One more thing about synthetic starch. The continuous build-up on each starching also abrades the fibers of your shirts rather quickly.

That's because, instead of "collapsing" when it comes into contact with water in the washer wheel, the shirt maintains its rigidity. It's just like throwing a small piece of plywood into the washer wheel and tumbling that piece of wood for 20 plus minutes.

Walk down the detergent isle of your local supermarket and you'll find a bottle of synthetic liquid starch, such as Faultless®. That's very similar to the synthetic starch your ordinary cleaner is using.

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