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The cleaning and restoration of a vintage christening gown

Restoring a christening or baptismal gown to its original beauty is a skillful process that involves great thought and care at every stage of the cleaning, hand pressing, inspecting and packaging process.

A Florida client recently sent me this 4 piece christening gown that had been used by 3 generations of her family.

The gown had yellowed due to age, exposure to light and poor storage conditions.

The following before and after photos reflect the transformation.

Christening gown 2 before Christening gown 1 before




Christening gown 2 after Christening gown 1 after



Christening gown 3 after


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  1. Gravatar of colleen krainr
    colleen krainr Says:
    this is absolutely beautiful. I am sending my 30 year old daughters christening gown to you and hope that you can do the same for it as you have done for this as we are so hoping that her baby can wear it just as she did. thank you
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