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You up for extreme dry cleaning dude?

Extreme dry cleaningAlmost 30 years after being introduced to the marketing lexicon, the most overused and misused word in marketing has finally reached the dry cleaning industry. Say hello to "extreme dry cleaning".

It all started in the 1980's with "extreme skiing". "Extreme skiing" involved perching on a mountainside, miles from any help, with no one in sight, on wild snow that no one had ever skied, with no avalanche control, on steep terrain that required special mountaineering and skiing skills.

That's truly "extreme".

The ski industry then misappropriated the meaning of the word when they started calling the expert slopes at your local ski area "extreme".

The gap between true extreme skiing and resort extreme skiing is, of course, a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon.

Not to be outdone, the action sports industries perverted the meaning when they started linking the word "extreme" to every youth oriented action sport - everything from mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding and street luge to in-line skiing, rock climbing and windsurfing.

In fact, any action sport that was perceived to exhibit a high level of speed, height, physical exertion and environmental obstacles (wind, snow, water and mountainsTooth paste) was identified as "extreme".

Marketing executives then bastardized the meaning of the word "extreme", applying it to any product they thought might appeal to the 12 to 24 year old urban male demographic.

So now you can shave with an extreme razor, brush with an extreme toothpaste and apply an extreme anti-perspirant. All that before sitting down to watch extreme sports on TV while munching on an extreme snack and then washing it down with an extreme soda. What's next? Taking a bathroom break with Charmin's "Extreme Clean" tissue?

Not to be outdone, certain dry cleaners have latched onto the eword. The use of the term "extreme dry cleaning" is, of course, designed to convey the perception of something better than ordinary, something enhanced.


I'd bet that "extreme dry cleaning" is, in fact, quite ordinary and mainstream. What dry cleaning experts call bang and hang cleaning in a fancy package.

Today, America has recognized that the e-word has no meaning and has come to view "extreme" as just another marketing ploy targeting the gullible and the uninformed. And that "extreme dry cleaning" is it just a term coined by a public relations professional to differentiate their client's cleaning from other cleaners down the road or across town.

On the other hand, it's possible that these cleaners have finally decided that they couldn't continue to be "all things to all people" and that it was time to target a narrower market segment. Such as clients who favor the "outdoorsy look" associated with brands such as The North Face and Patagonia. Or the 12 to 24 year old urban male demographic who favor T-shirts and baggy shorts.

You up for extreme dry cleaning, dude? It's totally awesome!

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