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Comments from a raving fan (part five)

Hi Stu:

Congrats origami shirt and tieI received my clothing on Monday and I want you to know that I think you do amazing work. My tan suit has been effectively "reborn" and has earned a spot back in my rotation of summer suits. The navy suit is as crisp as I have ever seen it. There remains one spot on the front of the left shoulder (I thought that it was my wife's makeup) that I assume was not amenable to your magic but the overall appearance of the suit is still greatly improved. I will readily admit that I thought your prices were just as breathtaking as the quality of your work but even still I feel that you deliver solid value for money.

Thanks again for working your magic on my beloved clothing! I now know first hand why you are so highly regarded on the A Suitable Wardrobe blog!!

Best Regards

Joe C.
Osprey, FL

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