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The cleaning and restoration of a US Navy military uniform

This 2 piece World War II navy uniform (wool jumper and hat) was found by one of my clients in the attic of his grandfather's home.

The condition of the jumper was poor: musty smell, dingy gray braid trim and emblems, and dull color. The hat was heavily soiled and exhibited body oil from the forehead on the internal leather head band.

Our task was to restore the uniform to original condition and then to archivally package the uniform for long-term storage.

The picture below show the jumper and hat archivally packaged for long-term storage - cushioned in unbuffered, acid free tissue and packed in an acid-free, lignin-free, chlorine-free, sulphur-free archival storage chest that's buffered with calcium carbonate on the outside and is unbuffered on the inside.


Navy jacket in box


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