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A Suitable Wardrobe features RAVE FabriCARE. Again.

Moth larvaeMany owners of bespoke and made-to-measure garments are reluctant to entrust their fine garments to an ordinary dry cleaner. And for good reason.

On September 5, Will Boehlke, author of A Suitable Wardrobe, addressed this issue in a blog post entitled "Maintenance: The Voice of Experience".

This time, however, the context was slightly different.

It seems that, because of issues of quality, Will had concluded that he could no longer send his bespoke garments to the best cleaner in the San Francisco area.

So he did the next best thing: he carefully brushed and steamed his garments and put them away for the season.

In the meantime, Will discovered RAVE FabriCARE and has been rotating his tailored garments through our bespoke and made to measure garment cleaning process.

MothTwo weeks ago we received, amongst other things, one of Will's old favorites that had been brushed, steamed and stored: an Anderson & Sheppard chalk striped navy double breasted suit.

On careful examination, I noticed some moth damage: a small hole and numerous areas where the surface of the flannel had been partially eaten.

Will's post serves as an important reminder of the need to clean and press fine garments as needed during the season and at the end of the season prior to storage.

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